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Bridging the Gap Between Data and Evidence
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 Training providers for the Law Enforcement community
 in the area of Call Detail Records Analysis
 Suspects using mobile devices generate evidence. Call Detail Records are one example of this type of evidence.
 Call Detail Records, or CDR's, are the non-voice records of the message actions created by the use of a mobile
 phone. At Cellular Data Resources, LLC, we specialize in providing practical, hands-on training to allow
 investigators to consider this evidence in their investigations.

 If you know how to read and analyze them, CDR's can oftentimes tell you:

 - Which cell site's handled your suspect's calls?

 - Where are these towers located?

 - Which side of the tower was used in call handling?

 - Who did your suspect call or who called them?

 In fact, many times a properly analyzed set of CDR's can provide you with at least three potential types of evidence:

 1) Location Evidence

 2) Association Evidence

 3) Behavioral Evidence

 If you are currently only using CDR's for geographic insights, you could be missing out on more than two thirds of
 the potential evidence available from a set of CDR's.

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